"Josef Medellin not only transformed our house into the home we always wanted, but he made it a truly enjoyable experience. What I love most about Josef is how he brings in the unexpected - he has created custom pieces that were perfect for our home and he took old pieces that we had no vision for and with his eye and creativity, he turned them into amazing fresh pieces that changed a room. I am so comfortable and proud of what he has created for us - it is a perfect living space for our kids and when we want to do some grown-up entertaining!
Gabrey M, San Francisco

"Josef is a life savior! He is the person you don’t think exists. He moved my entire family from one house to another while we went away for the weekend, he planned and executed a fantastic major birthday party and he just swoops in and fixes and makes everything look nicer, more polished and livable. His attitude is all about making your life easier, more manageable and beautiful. He is a complete
and total find."
Shelley P, San Francisco

"Josef was amazing to work with from initial concept through to every detail of execution. His ability to put interesting colors and unexpected fabrics together transformed our house beyond what we thought was possible and all within budget (well almost :-).

Josef has an uncanny ability to dismantle and re-build a house based on the look and feel of each piece. He was able to take my furniture and family heirlooms and my husband's amazing art and using his modern styling sensibilities, gave all the pieces new meaning with how and where they were used -- Everything felt like ours once he was done, vs. his and hers.

The greatest gift was how Josef found a way to showcase our personality and vibe through our home in a way that felt highly personal and unique to us. I wake up every day loving my surroundings and feeling inspired by the colors, textures and layout. I couldn't recommend him more highly -- whether you are just starting out or decorating your 3rd home, you will love him professionally and personally...."
Cassie H, San Francisco

"Josef has provided me with that definitive second opinion you need to make decisions on everything from paint colors to furniture layout and room design. His creative ideas and resources have helped make a major renovation project much easier to manage."
Susan G, San Francisco

"Josef is incredibly skilled at taking the items you love and making you love them even more. He has an incredible eye for how to rearrange a room to create more function, and how to reinvent existing pieces to make them more beautiful. Our house and furnishing went from functional to fabulous. Now every time guest come over I can’t wait to show them all the new touches Josef has added. We love our house—I just wish I had more rooms for Josef to work his magic on."
Stephanie B, San Francisco

"Josef has been fantastic to work with. He is breathing new life into rooms that were previously feeling lackluster and ordinary. Our kitchen, the heart of our home, has an abundantly vibrant energy to it, now that Josef has put his magic touch on it. As a designer, he has an incredibly artistic eye and has a knack for taking old items and giving them new purpose and a fresh face. We’ve purchased a few new items to complement the old and the result is a wonderfully eclectic effect. I told Josef at the outset that my goal in working with him was to bring my house “alive”. He insisted that it be a collaborative effort and encouraged me to explore ideas and possibilities. So far, he has blown my expectations away…he’s masterfully creative and a delight to work with."
Lila S, San Francisco